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Out of Print Bulletins

Volume 1 (03/53): Selected projectile point types of the U.S. (pp.1-16, R.E. Bell & R.S. Hall). The Lacy site, Garvin Co., OK (17-24, J.U. Oakes). Pottery vessels from the Spiro Mound, Cr-1, Le Flore Co., OK (25-38, R.E. Bell). The oashuns (dances) of the Caddo (39-42, E. Heflin). Report of excavations in the Eufaula Reservoir (43-60, C. Proctor). The Brewer site: A preliminary report (61-68, L. Duffield)

Volume 2 (03/54): Selected projectile point types of the U.S. II (1-6, R.P. Wheeler). The Cumberland point (7-8, T.M.N. Lewis). Projectile points from Bat Cave, NM (9-10, H.W. Dick). Projectile points from west central Oklahoma: the Dan Base collection (11-18, R.E. Bell). Historic Indian pottery from Oklahoma (19-34, K. Schmitt & R.E. Bell). The Huffaker site, Delaware Co., OK (35-48, D.A. Baerreis). Ck-44: A bluff shelter from Northeast Oklahoma (49-68, R.S. Hall). The Peyote ritual: Kiowa-Apache (69-78, W.E. Bittle).

Volume 3 (3/55): The Brackett site, Ck-43, Cherokee Co., OK (1-54, C.J. Bareis). Further material from the Huffaker site, Delaware Co., OK (53-68, D.A. Baerreis). The Hamilton and Eva type points of Tennessee (69-70, T.M.N. Lewis).

Volume 4 (04/56): The burial complex at the Smith site, Delaware Co., OK (1-12, D.A. Baerreis, W.L. Wittry & R.L. Hall). Nomenclature, origin and occurrence of flint (13-18, H.C. Skinner). The trade guild of the Southern Cheyenne women (19-28, A. Marriott). New France and the Allumettes of the Ottawa River (29-42, R.H. Fraser). List of Oklahoma master’s theses on American Indians (43-48, D.W. Schwartz).

Volume 5 (03/57): The Nall site: Evidence of early man in the Oklahoma Panhandle (1-20, W.E. Baker, T.N. Campbell & G.L. Evans). Related problems of archaeology and geology (21-22, O.F. Evans). The Southern Cult and the Spiro ceremonial complex (23-38, D.A. Baerreis). Two artifact flints of Oklahoma (39-44, H.C. Skinner). The Sam site, Lf-28, of Le Flore Co., OK (45-92, C. Proctor). The Nagle site, Ok-4 (93-100, J.B. Shaeffer). Skeletal material from the Nagle site (101-106, A.M. Brues).

Volume 6 (03/58): The Horton site, a Fultonoid village near Vian, Oklahoma (1-26, J.B. Shaeffer). Skeletal material from the Horton site (27-32, A.M. Brues). The Frisco flint quarries (33-36, O.F. Evans). Archaeological investigations at the Boat Dock site, Ma-1, in the Lake Texoma area, Marshall Co., OK (37-48, R.E. Bell). Ribbon applique work of North American Indians, Part I (49-60, A. Marriott). The contracting stem projectile point in eastern Oklahoma (61-82, D.A. Baerreis, J.E. Freeman & J.V. Wright). The Max Thomas site, Gd-4 (83-88, S.P. Lawton). Bibliography of Oklahoma archaeology (89-91, R.E. Bell).

Volume 7 (03/59): The Custer focus of the Southern Plains (1-30, A.D. Buck, Jr.). Preliminary report on the Van Schuyver site, Pottawatomie Co., OK (33-40, F.W. Sharrock). Test excavations at the Willingham site, Ml5, McClain Co., OK (41-50, F.W. Sharrock). Metal projectile points from the Oklahoma Panhandle and vicinity (5154, W.E. Baker & T.N. Campbell). The skeletal material from Ck-44, the Smullins site (55-62, A. Elkins). Skeletal material from the Morris site, Ck-39 (63-70, A.M. Brues). Notes on the sacred (narcotic) mushroom from Coatlan, Oaxaca (71-74, S. Hoogshagen).

Volume 8 (04/60): Shell tempered pottery in northeast Oklahoma: An introduction (1-2, D.A. Baerreis). Woodward Plain and Neosho Punctate, two shell-tempered pottery types of northeast Oklahoma (3-16, J.E. Freeman & A.D. Buck, Jr.). The Wann site, Lf-27, of the Fourche Maline focus (17-48, F.W. Sharrock). Afton points in the Ozark highlands (49-52, W.R. Wood). The James site, Br-11, Bryan Co., OK (53-74, M.A. Ray).

Volume 9 (04/61): The Grant site of the Washita River focus (1-66, F.W. Sharrock). Dl-47, a bluff shelter in northeast Oklahoma (67-76, D.A. Baerreis & J.E. Freeman). Radiocarbon dates from archaeological sites in Oklahoma (77-80, R.E. Bell).

Volume 10 (03/62): The Neosho focus: A Late Prehistoric culture in northeast Oklahoma (1-26, J.E. Freeman). Prehistoric house patterns of Oklahoma (27-68, B.J. Wallace). Skeletal material from the McLemore site (6978, A.M. Brues). Test excavations at the Lee II site, Gv-4, Garvin Co., OK (79-102, E. Pillaert). The A.W. Davis site, Mc6, McCurtain Co., OK (103-152, R. Wilson). Test excavations at the George Smith I site, Choctaw Co., OK (153-163, S.P. Lawton).

Volume 11 (03/63): The McLemore site of the Washita River focus (1-114, E.E. Pillaert). Radiocarbon dates from Oklahoma and surrounding areas (115-122, J. Miller). The Fred Loomis site, a small group burial near Freedom, OK (123133, Kay Co. Chapter, OAS).

Volume 12 (03/64): The Jug Hill site, My-18, Mayes Co., OK (1-54, D.G. Wyckoff). Two prehistoric sites, My-72 and My79, in the Markham Ferry Reservoir area, Mayes Co., OK (55-86, H.P. Kerr, III & D.G. Wyckoff). Test excavations in Owl Cave (87-102, S.P. Lawton). Archaeological report of the Buncombe Creek site, Marshall Co., OK (103-140, D.G. Wyckoff).

Volume 13 (03/65): Excavations at the Pohly site, My-54, in northeast Oklahoma (1-68, M.A. Ray). Historical climatology and the Southern Plains: A preliminary statement (69-76, D.A. Baerreis & R.A. Bryson). Papers of the Oklahoma Archaeological Salvage Project, Numbers 8 to 15 (77-152, J.B. Shaeffer). A study of wear on Washita River focus buffalo scapula tools (153-158, M.K. Davis).

Volume 14 (03/66): Papers of the Oklahoma Archaeological Salvage Project, Numbers 18 to 21 (1-86, J.B. Shaeffer). Cartridge cases and projectiles from the Tyree site, 34CM132 (87-92, W.H. Jones). Pueblo influence in Oklahoma (S.P. Lawton). Dating the Panhandle aspect cultures (105-116, D.A. Baerreis & R.A. Bryson).

Volume 15 (03/67): Woods Mound Group, a prehistoric mound complex in McCurtain Co., OK (1-76, D.G. Wyckoff). New radiocarbon dates from the Spiro site (77-80, J.A. Brown). The Cat Smith site: A Late Prehistoric village in Muskogee Co., OK (81-106, D.G. Wyckoff & T.P. Barr).

Volume 16 (03/68): The Duncan-Wilson bluff shelter: A stratified site of the Southern Plains (1-94, S.P. Lawton). The W.H. Baldwin site, Mc-84, McCurtain Co., OK (95-124, C.L. Rohrbaugh). Experiments in aboriginal ceramics (125-150, C. Slovacek). A paleosol in central Oklahoma and its archaeological significance (151-154, S.A. Hall). Lake Eufaula yields a partial burial with two flint knives (155-158, B. Anderson). The Millsap cache (159-160, M. Millsap & D.R. Dickson).

Volume 17 (11/68): Plains Indian clothing: Stylistic persistence and change (1-56, M.J. Schneider). Experimental archaeology: “Shaft wrenches” and “drill starters” (57-58, D.W. Josselyn). Stylistic variation in a Caddoan ceramic type: Avery Engraved (59-74, T. Prewitt). Two historic burials in the Three Forks locale (75-86, M.L. Wilson). Ka-131, the Bowling Alley site, Kay Co., OK (87-135, J.B. Sudbury).

Volume 18 (11/69): The medicine kit of a Comanche Eagle Doctor (1-12, D.E. Jones). The Native American Church: Its origin, ritual, doctrine, and ethic (13-38, W.W. Snyder). Paleoindian projectile points from the Domebo canyon (39-42, H.H. Hammatt). The Bross site, Ok-7, Oklahoma Co., OK (43-46, R. McWilliams). The vertebrate faunal remains from the School Land I and II sites, Delaware Co., OK (47-66, L.F. Duffield). The Lawrence site, Nw-6: A nonceramic site in Nowata Co., OK (67-118, J. Baldwin). The Roy Smith site, Bv-14, Beaver Co., OK (119-179, F.E. Schneider).

Volume 19 (11/70): The Cheyenne Arrow Ceremony, 1968 (1-60, H.N. Ottaway). 1969 archaeological investigation at the Weston and Hogshooter sites, Osage and Washington cos., OK (61-100, J.H. Howard). Physical anthropology of Wann and Sam, two Fourche Maline focus sites in eastern Oklahoma (101-136, D. McWilliams). The McLemore cemetery complex: An analysis of prehistoric burial customs (137-150, D.R. Lopez). Preforms are not projectile point types (151-154, J.B. Sollberger).

Volume 20 (11/71): The Lee site, a late prehistoric manifestation in Garvin Co., OK (1-82, M.K. Richards). The Lundy site, Craig Co., OK (83-90, G. Perino). The Will Rogers State Park site: Ro-10, Rogers Co., OK (91-98, G. Perino). The Osage in Oklahoma: 1802-1840 (99-100, M.E. Good). Surface survey of the Ross site, Cd-69, Caddo Co., OK (101114, J.L. Hofman). A child’s skeleton from western Oklahoma (115-131, K.D. Keith, C.C. Snow & J.B. Snow).

Volume 21 (04/73): The Lowrance site of Murray Co., OK (1-156, D.G. Wyckoff). A descriptive report on certain material from the Lowrance site, Murray Co., OK (157-180, L. Taylor). Some additional data on the thermal alteration of siliceous stone (181-186, J.B. Sollberger and T.R. Hester). A unique vessel from the Oklahoma Panhandle (187-190, V. Dale). The lost Cheyenne religion (191-194, G. Karwoski).

Volume 22 (11/73): The Craig mound: Another look at an old problem (1-10, L.F. Duffield). The Wybark site: A Late Prehistoric village complex in the Three Forks locale, Muskogee Co., OK (11-126, D.R. Lopez). A Barren Fork burial, Cherokee Co., OK (127-148, C.S. Wallis, Jr.). The paleostomology of the Moore site, Lf-31, Le Flore Co., OK (149-158, K.D. Keith). The Lundy site: Human osteology (159-170, J. Buikstra, M. Vadeboncouer & G. Behrend). Cd-177: A small Archaic camp in west-central Oklahoma (171-206, J.L. Hofman). A Puebloid burial from western Oklahoma (207-216, J.H. Howard & D.N. Brown). An experiment in ceramics (217-222, V. Dale).

Volume 23 (03/75): Report on burials found at Crenshaw Mound C, Miller Co., AR (1-90, J.H. Durham & M.K. Davis). A descriptive report of the Vanderpool site, Ck-32, Cherokee Co., OK (91-168, P. Harden & D. Robinson). Bone fleshers in Oklahoma (169-176, J.L. Hofman). A cache of preforms from southwest Oklahoma (177-184, L.E. LeVick). A study of Kay County flint (185-192, L.M. Cooper).

Volume 24 (03/76): Ka-3, the Deer Creek site: An 18th century French contact site in Kay Co., OK (1-136, J.B. Sudbury). ‘Non-diagnostic’ flakes: A processual analysis (137-154, S.M. Jamieson). Additional information on burial associations, Crenshaw site, Mound C, Miller Co., AR (155-160, J.H. Durham).

Volume 25 (1976): The McGrath Site of the Panhandle Aspect (1-110, C. Lintz). The Fox Petroglyph Site, Nobel County, Oklahoma (111-126, K. Wallis). A Study of Red-Filmed Pottery from the Clement Site (34Mc8), McCurtain County, Oklahoma (127-134, P. Flynn). American Indian Tomahawks in the Collection of the Oklahoma Historical Society (135-153, J. Todd).

Volume 26 (11/77): The Viper Marsh site, Mc-205, McCurtain Co., OK (1-98, S.J. Bobalik, L.E. Sanders & S.C. Gerlach). The Boatstone site, Tx-60, Texas Co., OK (99-104, V. Dale & C.R. Lintz). A technological analysis of Clear Fork gouge production (105-122, J.L. Hofman). Oklahoma Indian beadwork: Perspectives in culture change (123-150, C. Green).

Volume 27 (1978): An Analysis of Surface Material from the Little Deer Site (34Cu10) of Western Oklahoma: A Further Investigation of the Wheeler Complex (1-110, J.L. Hofman). The Johnson-Cline Site (34Tx40): An Upland Dune Site in the Oklahoma Panhandle (11-140, C. Lintz). Experimental Lithic Analysis of a Small Mound in Northern Oklahoma (141154, Northcutt). A Cross Listed Index of the Oklahoma Anthropological Society Bulletins, Special Bulletins, and Memoirs: 1953-1976 (155-170, C. Lintz and T.G. Baugh). The Rabbit Hill Site: A Late Nineteenth Century Southern Plains Indian Burial at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (171-178, Pearson). Flake Blank Production Strategy of the Heerwald Site Cache (179-206, C. Lintz).

Volume 28 (1979): Roulston-Rogers: A Stratified Plains Woodland and Late Archaic Site in the Cross Timbers (1-136, R.R. Drass). A Functional Analysis of the Croton Creek Lithic Scatter, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma (137-146, Tainter). Faunal Remains from the Pate Site, Oklahoma (147-150).

Volume 29 (1980): Notes on a Bison Kill in White Canyon, 34Cd202, Caddo County (1-8, J. Hofman). The Ouachita Point, a New Type for Southwest Arkansas and Southeast Oklahoma (9-12, G. Perino). A Woodland or Late Prehistoric Burial from Central Oklahoma (12-16, R. Drass). Bone Tool Manufacture and Use by Prepottery Occupants of the McCutchan-McLaughlin Site (19-48, C. Clark). Cherokee Pottery Making in Oklahoma, Using the Ancient Method with Anna B. Mitchell (49-58, H. King). Notes on Ceramic Artifacts from the Lamb-Miller Site (34Rm25), Roger Mills County, Oklahoma (59-66, J. Hofman). Post-Removal Chickasaw Pottery: Four Sites in Southern Oklahoma (67-82, L.L. Don Carlos and R.E. Bell). Comparative Trade Ceramics: Evidence for the Southern Plains Macroeconomy (83-102, T.G. Baugh and F. Swenson). A Field Guide to Historic Artifacts: Ceramics in Oklahoma (103-142, D.L. Derven).

Volume 30 (1981): Unusual Chert Blades Found at Kaw Lake (1-10, P. George). Wichita Indians and the French Trade on the Oklahoma Frontier: 1719-1757 (11-18, R.E. Bell). Clear Fork Gouges Found in the Oklahoma Panhandle (19-26, R.W. White). A Brief History of the Spiro Mound Complex (H.E. King, 27-32). Some Additional Artifacts from Craig Mound (33-50, J.D. Rogers, M. Moore, and J. Stanley). Log Pens and Lifestyles: The Aylesworth Photographic Collection (51-66, M. Gettys and A. Hughes-Jones). An Engraved Shell Gorget from Grady County, Oklahoma (67-79, R. Drass and D. Peterson).

Volume 31 (1982): Discovery of the Uncas Site, 34Ka172 (P. George, 1-4). Archaeological Excavations at the Early Plains Village Uncas Site (5-70, S. Vehik and P. Flynn).

Volume 32 (1983): Harkins Choctaw Dolls as a Source of Choctaw History (1-22, J. Howard & M. Gettys). McGee Creek Archaeology: A Consideration of Western Ouachita Mountains Prehistory (23-54, T. Perttula, P. McGuff, C.R. Ferring, B. Yates). The Pw38 Pictographs, Pawnee County, Oklahoma (55-72, B. Moore). A Unique Workshop in Western Oklahoma: The Grooved Rock Site, 34Rm101 (73-82, M. Moore). Hardesty, Oklahoma Territory: Archaeological Perspectives on the Late 19th Century Frontier in No Man’s Land (83-98, W. Lees). An Archeological Review of the Scott County Pueblo (99-106, T. Witty). Apacheans in Plains Culture History (107-114, D. Brugge).

Volume 33 (1984): Summary of Notes and Earlier Analysis of the Wickham #3 Site, 34Rm29, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma (1-22, C. Wallis). Appendix A (23-30, C. Lintz). A Sixteenth Century Spanish Colonial Trade Bead from Western Oklahoma (31-36, B. Sudbury). The Billy Ross Site: Analysis of a Dalton Component from the Southern Arkansas Basin of Eastern Oklahoma (37-74, J.R. Galm and J. Hofman). Excavations of the 1824 Barracks at Fort Towson (75-96, M. Gettys and A. Cheek).

Volume 34 (1985): The 1984 O.C.U. Pow Wow (1-8, K. Walker). LfGeI, The Geren Site, 34Lf36, of the Spiro Focus (982, C.L. Rohrbaugh). Temper Quantification and the Identification of Prehistoric Ceramics (93-96, J.D. Rogers and D. Heffington). The Occurrence and Distribution of Groundstone Gorgets in Oklahoma (97-120, C. Lintz and K. Zahrai). An Update on Finds at the Uncas Site, North-Central Oklahoma (121-126, P. George). Results of Limited Test Excavations within the Quartermaster Creek Watershed, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma (127-146, M.C. Moore). The Laverty Ditch: Prehistoric Irrigation in the Oklahoma Panhandle? (147-178, D.G. Wyckoff).

Volume 36 (12/87): The development of archaeology in Oklahoma (1-14, R.E. Bell). Human skeletal material exposed by reservoir-induced erosion at Lake Altus, southwest OK (15-38, V.T. Button & G. Agogino). The Muncy site in the Oklahoma Panhandle: Indian cultural evidence over a long time span (39-104, R.W. White). Surface investigations of
the Franklin site, 34WA3 (105-130, J.M. Briscoe & A. Hughes-Jones). The Moran point from north-central Texas (131136, R.E. Forrester).

Volume 49 (2000): Plains Woodland in Oklahoma. 102 pages. Investigations of a prehistoric site on the western edge of the Cross Timbers: Insights into Plains Woodland and Late Prehistoric adaptations (Bartlett & Powell). Archeological investigations at Graystone Estates #1, 34TU129, Tulsa County (Brooks & Stokes). Investigations at a Plains Woodland site, 34WA157, and a protohistoric site, 34WA161, in west-central Oklahoma (Wallis). ($6)

Volume 62 (2014): Little Skin Bayou Survey (Phillips) 89 pages, The Coal County Steam Boiler (Pocklington and Skinner), The Craig Cache Toolkit (41PT505): An Alibates Scraper Cash from Potter County Texas (Lintz, Shaller, and Katz), Early Historic Settlement in the Cross-Timbers of Central Oklahoma: The 2013 Fall OAS Survey (Brooks), Whitten Alibates Clovis Blade Core, Cimaroon County Texas (Bement and Carlson) ($10)