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Memoir 1 – Spiro Shell Engravings, by Lathel Duffield. 1964. This monograph is the first comprehensive study of the famous shell engravings recovered in the 1930s from the Spiro Mound site, located along the Arkansas River. ($15)

Memoir 2 – The Harlan Site, Ck-6, A Prehistoric Mound Center in Cherokee County, Eastern Oklahoma, by Robert E. Bell. 1972. This monograph details the 1948, 1949, 1950, and 1958 excavations at the Harlan site, a major late prehistoric mound center now under Fort Gibson Reservoir. Excavations into the conical mound at Harlan demonstrated the site is related to the Spiro Mounds, located along the Arkansas River. ($20)

Memoir 3 – Pathways to Plains Prehistory: Anthropological Perspectives of Plains Natives and Their Pasts, edited by Don G. Wyckoff and Jack L. Hoffman. 1982. This volume is a compilation of 15 papers written in honor of Dr. Robert E. Bell, Oklahoma’s foremost archaeologist, upon his retirement in 1980. Papers focus on a wide range of topics, including archaeology, ethnohistory, and art of the prehistoric and historic Southern, Central, and Northern Plains. ($20).

Memoir 4 – From Mountain Peaks to Alligator Stomachs: A Review of Lithic Sources in the Trans-Mississippi South, the Southern Plains, and the Adjacent Southwest, by Larry Banks. 1990. This report is the culmination of some 25 years of effort that included notable contributions from numerous individuals. This volume has color plates of specific quarry source materials and an appendix of more detailed descriptions of chert types. ($20)

Memoir 5 – Late Paleoindian Utilization of the Dempsey Divide on the Southern Plains, by J. Peter Thurmond. 1991. This memoir focuses on six Late Paleoindian components along the Dempsey Divide in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma. An analysis of raw material types forms the basis of a study of Late Paleoindian adaptive strategies. In addition, existing dates for Southern Plains Late Paleoindian components are reviewed and evaluated. The volume was a joint publication with the Plains Anthropological Society (PAS Memoir 25), and back issues are not currently available from the OAS.

Memoir 7 – Culture Change on the Eastern Margins of the Southern Plains, by Richard R. Drass. 1997. This memoir, which is a joint publication with the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, focuses on the transition from Plains Woodland to Plains Village societies along the Washita River drainage of central Oklahoma between AD 900 and 1500. The study focuses on the interplay of social, economic, and environmental factors leading to the emergence of sedentary, horticultural and bison hunting based subsistence during the late prehistoric. ($20)

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